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    Welcome to The Beacon Benefice. . . .

    We are a group of churches in the Church of England (which is  the officially Established Christian Church (Protestant)) centred around the large village of Painswick, on the Western edge of the Gloucestershire Cotswolds.  We have six congregations in six historic churches, and PSALMS, an activities programme for children, young people and familiesWe have our own Facebook group for upcoming events on https://www.facebook.com/groups/838401489638991/

     Psalms Beacon Newsletter- you can read it here:

    From our Vicar:

    Dear Friends

    Here we are in flaming June!  It feels really odd to write that as in ‘real time’ I’m looking out the window at pouring May!  Of course I don’t know what the weather will be like for you reading this; it might be pouring June as well, for all I know!

    Having written about the weather last month, here I am again after what turned out to be just about the driest April on record.  But everything seems to be growing well so maybe we’ll have a ‘normal’ summer this year...... (Continued HERE)

    You can read Mike's latest sermon HERE