Letter from our Vicar

Letter from our Team of Clergy and Readers -July/August 2019 (Continued from Home Page)

....It really is not the winning which counts.  Many will feel it is, and we can of course be pleased and proud if those we support do win, but it is the taking part, the sportsmanship, the love of the game, the recognition of wonderful skills and even the wish that perhaps we were capable of such skills and commitment to a sport we love that is important!   Many of us, as we read this, will be of an age when we look back remembering that once upon a time we were fitter that we are now and that perhaps we have had to hang up boots, bats, oars, saddles or whatever, as we feed on our memories and encourage the rising generations to live life to the full. 

These summer months and weeks, whether we are playing sport or not, give us an opportunity to find some form of relaxation and recreation, - i.e. re-creation – to be renewed and find new hope and new opportunities in the gift of life that we have been given.   This time of year is a time for holidays for those at school or college.   It is a time of letting go of the studies.   It is a time, too, of leaving home perhaps and having a week or two away in different parts of our world.   Our modern world of course, enables some to travel thousands of miles in a short space of time so that they can see different cultures, different lands and experience different foods and languages.

The world in which we live is vibrant with life in so many places despite the fact that there is much that is destructive and even fearful or perplexing.   I am sure that we must not be fatalistic about ‘there is nothing we can do’.   Each and every one of us can endeavour to make the world a better and saner place by the encouragement we give to one another where we are.

May I suggest that in these coming summer months, we seek to discern the presence of God where we may be.   It doubtless should be in the wonder of his creation around us;  in the lives of those who inspire us, including ordinary people who don’t think they are extra-ordinary;  in the words of Holy Scripture;  in our worship; in our prayers; and in our solitude and aloneness.   Some will say “How can we see God in the suffering around us?”   That is always a particular challenge and yet so often, for those with discerning ears and eyes, God enters into our sufferings and helps to share, to bear and to carry those things we cannot carry alone.   The suffering Christ is the one who brings help at times of the most profound need.   Part of our journey of life is, indeed, to discern ‘God in all things’.

I pray all our readers will find some time, at home or away, for peace and rest, ever mindful of those in different places in the world where peace for them is as elusive as ever and hopes for their future continue to seem bleak.   Let us continue to pray and work for peace, justice and reconciliation.

With every blessing,

Michael Irving