Letter from our Vicar

Letter from our Team of Clergy and Readers -JUNE 2019 (Continued from Home Page)

....Let me explain what I mean. I was preparing to write this article, having just checked my email, which this morning had an unusually excessive number of messages reminding me that June is almost upon us and it will soon be too late to holiday before the schools summer holidays begin. Often when I am working in the study there is music playing in the background and I became aware that Ella Fitzgerald was singing that classic George Gershwin song ‘Summertime’. And here was I about to start banging on about June being the month in which we celebrate Midsummer Day.

Now I don’t know what June will hold for you. It may be that you will be coping and supporting children or grand-children who are in a state of angst about exams, or maybe you will be taking some time to go on holiday. Perhaps you will be doing some house maintenance, or working in the garden, assuming we have some fine weather.

June will take Chris (my wife) and me to Portugal, during which time we will celebrate her birthday. As I write this the importance of birthdays is quite evident because the main topic of news surrounds the birth of Archie, the latest addition to the Royal Family. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will find their lives significantly different to what they have been used to. I was amused by Prince William’s response when asked what he thought about his brother becoming a father. He replied that he was delighted to welcome Prince Harry into membership of the Deprived Sleep Society!

Birthdays bring all sorts of changes, which brings me neatly on to reminding you that June will also be a time when, in the Church, we celebrate Pentecost, the birth of the Church.

At Pentecost the disciples and followers of Jesus had little idea of what lay ahead. Life for the believers would be significantly different. The very fact that Jesus had risen was shock enough but now they would face new experiences, bringing excitement, but also trepidation and apprehension. However, they faced the future knowing it would be with Jesus alongside them, through his promised Holy Spirit. And face up to the challenges they most certainly did. The stories in Acts are astonishing as the Church begins to grow.

As June comes, whether it brings holidays, birthdays, or whatever, you do not face it alone. Because of Pentecost the Holy Spirit will be with you to give strength, support, and joy. As summer arrives, may you be richly blessed throughout June, and into the days beyond.

Mike Campbell.