Letter from our Vicar

Letter from our Team of Clergy and Readers -July/August 2019 (Continued from Home Page)
....The latest has all happened within the last few weeks – whilst I was on holiday with my son and his family in Canada.   Sandy and I have been living for the last few years in her cottage in the Forest whilst my house was let to pay for our grandson’s expenses whilst he studied for his architecture qualifications.

But it was while I was in Canada that Sandy made the very kind decision that it would be right for me to be living in the village I think of as ‘mine’ and which I love, and in the house which I bought here when I retired.   She even organised the moving whilst I was away, but we are still unpacking and deciding where pictures and furniture should go, and regularly saying ‘where on earth did I put that..

All the time we have been living away Andrew and the parish office team have been very kind in keeping me feeling very much part of the Painswick gang, with trips to Cranham, Pitchcombe and Harescombe each month.   Now I can continue my monthly visits there with far less cost to their treasurers for my mileage.

The part Jesus played in his community was important for being able to demonstrate the ways in which God wants his representatives on earth to go on trying to make all our lives as he wants them to be.

We his representatives can do this in two ways.   When the opportunity arises we can point to stories in the bible showing what Jesus’ reaction would be.   But we can also use our knowledge, skills or experience to play our parts in being God’s people in his world by acting or speaking as we believe he would want.

The great thing about there being so many of us in the world who are members of God’s family that this means that all sorts of different kinds of people with different personalities and talents will be part of that family.


I remember that when I first arrived at theological college I was amazed at the variety of people who were my fellow students.   But the expectation must be that God will find a way for all of us to play our parts.   We certainly don’t all have to wear dog-collars – in fact not many of us do.

God needs all of us

Chris Garrett.