Letter from our Vicar

Letter from our Team of Clergy and Readers - OCTOBER 2018(Continued from Home Page)

We live in a country where despite the hot dry summer we do not suffer extremes of weather and regular harvests are assured.

Thinking of harvests takes me back to my youth. I lived on an arable farm where the cereal harvest was the climax of the year. It was a laborious affair. First the fields of wheat, oats and barley had to be cut with a binder. This was particularly onerous if the crop had been laid flat by wind and rain. The binder converted the crop into sheaves which had to be stooked by hand. After a period of a few days the sheaves from the stooks were loaded onto trailers to be stacked in the stackyard. The stacks had to be thatched to keep them dry for the next few months. This whole process took six to eight weeks to complete. The stacks would be threshed out during the winter months when the grain was sold. Nowadays the combine does all these jobs in a single pass. On a large arable farm the whole process is completed in about two weeks with a minimum of labour input. Such is the pace of change and the application of technology.

So, at this season of the year we give thanks for the harvest which includes all crops of course not just cereals. We give thanks for modern technology which has taken much of the backache out of modern farming. We sing with gratitude:

For the fruits of his creation

Thanks be to God;

For his gifts to every nation

Thanks be to God

For the ploughing, sowing, reaping

silent growth while we are sleeping

future needs in earth’s safekeeping

thanks be to God

-David Newell