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Letter from our Vicar-August 2017 (Continued from Home Page)

......Did someone lose count when they were naming the months?

Given the Latin link, you won’t be surprised that it’s something to do with the Romans, two of them to be precise. In the days before there was an emperor, they only had ten months in the year, hence those names, but then came Julius Caesar. He became the first emperor and decided that a suitable way of making sure everyone remembered him for ever more, was to add an extra month and name it after himself. The month, if you haven’t already guessed it, was July. For some reason it was stuck in the middle of the year, throwing out the sequence of names as we’ve seen. As the next emperor was Augustus Caesar, you can work out the rest yourself!

I’m not certain whether Julius and Augustus ever did anything special in their months, but it set me wondering. If you had a month named after you, what would you do in it? Or, if you were as powerful as an emperor, what would you have other people do in it? There’s a little thought to ponder in this second of the extra months, and something to set your imaginative juices flowing!

Not many of us get a whole month named after us, but we do name days after people, in the Church those we call the saints. Perhaps you remember John the Baptist, John the Apostle and James the Great, three of our Church’s patron saints whose days we celebrated last month. I wonder what they’d want to happen on their days. I don’t suppose it would be much like some of the fantasies we may have come up with for our months!

But of course, the ultimate in naming periods of time after someone comes with Jesus Christ. The years before his birth we call BC, before Christ, and the years since then, AD, Latin for the year of the Lord. To see what he’d want us to do in these years of his, the best thing to do is look at what he did in those last three years before he was crucified. No great celebrations but he did enjoy a party. Not a lot of telling people what to do but a great deal of encouraging people to follow him. A lot of talking about love but also quite a bit of challenging those who tried to manipulate others. And ultimately, sacrifice, being willing to die for the rest of us.

Is it worth it, doing as he did? Absolutely, because his sacrifice was followed by resurrection, not just a putting right of what was wrong but a transformation. If we can follow, in these years of his, we can truly remake the world!

God Bless, Rev Mike

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