I'm New to Edge

I'm New to Edge

Edge, also known as The Edge to many people, is a small village with a long history situated on the Eastern slope of the Cotswold Scarp.

Newcomers to the village often wonder why the church is not nestled in among the villages houses.  This is because it was not built until quite recently in Church History (mid nineteenth-century) where the creation of new roads (closely followed by omnibuses) changed the shape of village life.  Our church building, although built in a fork between a main road in a country lane, is blessed with a lovely peaceful setting. The view from our churchyard is amazing, with views of the Brecon Beacons, Gloucester and most of the southern Vale of Severn.  Our services are friendly and you will not be expected to dress  formally.  We have a small kitchen at the back of the church, so we can enjoy coffee together after services. Sadly, we can only open the church on days when we hold services.

We hold regular prayer services and the next ones are on Monday, 2 November at 9.30 am and Monday, 7 December at 9.30am. We usually meet for half an hour. If you would like us to pray for anyone, please let us know. We have prayer boards in each of our churches with post-its and pens, if you would like us to mention anything special.  You are also very welcome to join us on the 1st Thursday in every month at 9.30am for our informal prayer meeting. We spend about 30 minutes remembering people in our community and all over the world who are in need of our prayers, love and support. There is also time for silent personal prayers and prayers you may wish to share.

We look forward to seeing you on the following dates :

November.       5th      2015 at   9.30am
December.       3rd.     2015 at   9.30am

Everything is confidential.

Look forward to praying with you, if you can make it.

Our Churchwardens, who are responsible for the Church building and Church government are:

Ann Simmons

 01452-812423  eannsimmons@hotmail.com
Malcolm Hollingsworth                            01452-812780 malcolm@optimumoils.co.uk

Here is a map of our Church Building:  (full address: St John the Baptist Parish Church , Edge, Gloucestershire, GL6 6PF)