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Your Wedding
From Regal Painswick to Rural Harescombe, all of our very different Churches can provide a lovely venue for your most important day. Two of our churches, Painswick and Pitchcombe, even have meeting halls close by.

           Why not contact Sue Welbourn, our Weddings Co-ordinator, and discuss your preference- contact her at or ring 01452-812721


A Baptism in the Family

Baptism, traditionally called "Christening" is the sacrament when we welcome new Christians whatever their age, babies, children or adults.  Baptisms can be held as a part of our main services on Sunday mornings or a specially arranged service, often in the afternoon.  For more information, contact the Office here.



When Someone Dies...

There is so much to do when someone close to you dies, and there are a range of choices for services at church or crematorium.  You can discuss your wishes informally by ringing the Lychgate Office or contacting us here.