Beacon Benefice

How We Serve in the Church

Our Church is led by the Vicar and Churchwardens, but the day to day running is done by volunteers, who assist the clergy, look after the vestry, decorate the church and arrange flowers, and ring bells. Other volunteers work with younger people through Sportily.



Servers / Sacristans

The classic definition of a "sacristan" is, " the person who maintains the vestry and the sacred objects it contains". At St. Mary's, we think of ourselves as the sacristan or vestry team. We ensure that the items used in the administration of communion are available for the priest. Such "items" include the special bread wafers called "hosts" made of unleavened bread and  communion wine set out before each service of the Eucharist.

We also set out the church season vestments (clothing) for the priest to wear as well as the altar table hangings (frontals) in the appropriate colour according to the liturgical season,such as Christmas, Easter, Lent etc.  Altar candles are filled with oil, linen cloths freshly laundered, silverware cleaned, and finally orders-of-service and liturgical books are put in place ready for the communion service.

We find these preparations a very special time, knowing we are preparing St. Mary's for the priest's and the people's worship.

If you would be interested in undertaking these important tasks in the church please contact Mary Sparks through the Lychgate Office. or speak to one of the Churchwardens at Sunday service.

The current team at St. Mary's includes:-

Delyth Allen, Elizabeth Burge, Pippa Dickinson,  Freda Steed,and Mary Sparks .


The team provides and arranges all the flowers seen in St Mary's, ensuring a welcome for visitors and worshippers alike. We try to follow the liturgical colours to enhance services throughout the year. We get together in the church every Friday morning at 9.30am (except during Lent and Advent). You are welcome to join us. We have a rota system but we are very flexible and you can volunteer for as many or as few times as you wish or just join us for the busy Christmas and Easter times when extra hands are always needed. Contact the Lychgate Office. if interested.








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