Our Church History


For some time now the Painswick Parochial Council has been looking into providing essential facilities within St. Mary’s Church. We wish to make the church a more welcoming environment for its parishioners, tourists and for other people who do not normally spend time in there.

The plans show some of the changes we wish to make. These include:

1.            Providing toilets, one disabled, and baby change facilities in the south west corner of the church.

2.            Providing a kitchen in the north west corner of the church to enable refreshments to be served.

3.            The removal of all of the pews and flooring to enable us to lay new under-floor heating. This will also enable us to level up the flooring from the chancel to the doorways. Then replace the existing Victorian tiles with large stone tiles.

4.            A balcony will run over the top of the toilets in the south aisle across to the kitchen in the north isle. Stair access will be at the kitchen end. This will provide further seating space for concerts, meetings etc.

5.            To refurbish some of the pews to make them easier to move and also provide additional appropriate chairs to maintain the seating for large concerts etc.

6.            To refurbish the Tower Vestry to enable us to use it for private multi-purposes e.g. an office, storage space, archive.

All the above will no doubt ensure that St. Mary’s Church is fit for the 21st Century and beyond and it is our wish to facilitate as many new groups of people to use it as would have been when completed in the 15th Century.