As part of a commitment to the youth of our parish, the St Mary's PCC decided to enlist the services of a youth ministry based in nearby Stroud. Through the initiative of parishioners, Ian and Frankie Marsh, the Jennie Marsh Trust established PSALMS, a group dedicated to working with youth in the community at large, not just members of our church.

PSALMS (now known as "Sportily") was created to commemorate the life of Ian and Frankie’s young daughter-in-law (Jennie Marsh) who tragically lost her life in Africa while on her honeymoon.

The Parishes of the Benefice make an annual contributions to the work of Sportily and thereby to the youth ministry of the Benefice.  Many of the participants, but not all, are also part of Beacon Benefice parish congregations.


Sportily relies on contributions from other churches and individuals to keep their efforts funded.

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